8.   Add a pull-out sprayer

Many sinks have an extra hole in the back right corner, providing space for one of three optional accessories -- sprayers, hot-water dispensers and filter faucets. Sprayers help make it easier to clean vegetables and dishes. If you don’t have the extra hole available for a separate sprayer head, consider a detachable sprayer in the main faucet head.


9.   Add a hot water dispenser

Hot water dispensers deliver 190-degree water on demand through a separate faucet mounted on the sink. They use a heater mounted under the counter, requiring an electric receptacle, but not a separate water line.


10. Add a water filter

 Finally, you can treat the water flowing into the sink with a filter on the water line. The most common models use replaceable carbon filters that eliminate many contaminants and odors. Other filters use reverse osmosis or boiling and distillation. Filters can also be attached to a separate faucet mounted in the hole that is often used for sprayers or hot-water dispensers.


There are many ways to customize a sink. However, think hard before customizing the sink’s location. Moving the sink can be very expensive. Most users want a window over the kitchen sink, so you may need to move a window if you want to move a sink. You will also need to move drain and vent lines.

Source: http://www.networx.com/article/10-ways-to-customize-your-kitchen-sink