By KMS Woodworks, Networx

"What is panel roofing?" you ask. Panel roofing is made with large sheets of material. This material can be metal, fiberglass or even some types of plastic (polycarbonate is of the more common plastic types and is often used in greenhouses). Panel roofs differ from shingle roofs in their appearance and how they are installed. The purpose of all roofs, whether made of roof panels or shingles, is to protect the structure below from the elements. Some roofs are better than others in the protection that they provide. Older styles of asphalt shingles had life-spans of 15 to 20 years. New higher-grade asphalt shingles may have life-spans of up to 40 years. New metal panel roofs, by comparison, have life-spans that start around 40 years and may reach up to 60 years or more.