A rescued alley cat can live like a fat cat after inheriting $13 million from his owner.

Maria Assunta, a 94-year-old widow and heiress from Italy, left her 10 million euro fortune plus several properties scattered across Europe to her 4-year-old kitty, Tommaso, according to London's Daily Telegraph.

The wealthy widow, who died two weeks ago, originally wanted to leave her fortune to an animal welfare association that would commit to looking after Tommaso. But when Assunta's lawyers couldn't find a group that lived up to her standards, she instead drew up a will in November 2009 leaving her estate to Tommaso through a nurse named Stefania, according to the Telegraph.

Stefania, who cared for Assunta in her final months, had promised she would look after the cat and make sure he was loved after her patient died. Stefania told the Telegraph she had no clue Assunta was so wealthy.

"She was very discreet," Stefania said. "I knew very little of her private life. She only told me that she had suffered from loneliness a lot."

Tommaso, Stefania and another cat now live in a house outside Rome.