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Can Cookie hop on over to your place

A bunny for Easter? Not unless it's chocolate!

Bunnies are cute. But before you give in, let’s look at some of the common misperceptions of these seasonal pocket pets.


Help! My pets are driving me crazy

If you’ve ever lived with a dog who barks for no reason, or a cat that stops using the litterbox, help is a click away.

Belle is a mellow gal who gets along with other felines

I need to get rid of this peeing cat!

Your cat may be trying to tell you something. Let’s take a look at some of the causes of this frustrating behavior.


Resi would like to go home with Pita

Keeping Pets Safe on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and flowers are can warm your heart on Valentine's Day. They can also be deadly for your pets.

Puppies In Stockings

Hope for the Christmas puppy

Last week, I called out someone in my neighborhood whose Christmas puppy had been banished to the backyard and ignored.  Some of my words were harsh, but I promised I would offer some solutions, and that solving this problem would be fun.  So let’s…

puppies tossed

You bought a puppy for Christmas: now what?

So, you bought a puppy for Christmas and now you're having second thoughts. Well, here are some of the realities your puppy will face if you decide to "re-home" it.

Puppies In Stockings

Pets as presents? Think twice

While the sight of a puppy under the Christmas tree may be adorable, there are many things to consider before giving the gift of a sentient being that will live for roughly 15 years. 

Dogs rescued from puppy mill

Veterinarian fired for refusing to work with puppy mill...

Dr. Ian Kupkee's unique stance on pit bulls generated an incredible response from Local 10 viewers. This week's blog entry on his refusal to look the other way when it comes to puppy mills is sure to generate just as much interest.

Dr Ian Kupkee

Dr. Ian Kupkee weighs in on pit bull ban

A South Florida veterinarian commits "professional suicide" by using sound judgment instead of following the crowd

MDAS Halloween event

Halloween hazards and your pets

Here are some tips to keep your fur kids safe this Halloween.

Shetland sheep dog, collie blurb

Many 'American made' pet treats manufactured in China

Last week, federal animal health officials issued a warning regarding jerky treats made in China that have killed nearly 600 pets. How is it that we're still feeding our pets treats made in China? The answer may surprise you.


Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

Ask the veterinarian: Pet Obesity

A recent study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that nearly 54 percent of dogs and cats in the U.S. are either overweight or obese.  Dr. Ian Kupkee makes suggestions for preventing round hounds and festive felines.

Dr. Ian Kupkee, DVM

Ask the veterinarian: Caring for your senior pets

Dr. Ian Kupkee answers your questions about caring for your senior furry friends.

Doxie kisses vet

Pet owner 'pays it forward' after chip reunites her with...

A pet owner who was reunited with her lost dog thanks to a microchip makes a donation to a local veterinary clinic to allow them to provide microchips to other pets.

Costa Rica Project

Vet spays, neuters animals in Costa Rica

A South Florida veterinarian donates his time to spay and neuter dogs and cats in Costa Rica.


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