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Study ties additional gene to increased breast cancer risk

3-D mammography improves screening for breast cancer

The addition of  3-D mammography to conventional digital mammography…

Pfizer, Lilly drugs slow advanced breast cancer in studies


Measles virus kills cancer cells in unprecedented trial

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Tamoxifen skin gel fights noninvasive breast cancer

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Are the things you eat linked to cancer?

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What are different kinds of breast cancer?

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Treatment plan should be based on specific type of breast cancer

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What screening tests should women have?

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Let's talk about raising awareness

'Pinkwashing' feeds 'Pinktober Grinch'

The many documented cases of breast cancer awareness pink ribbon misuse -…

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The Angelina Jolie effect

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Procter & Gamble pulls out of NFL partnership

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Detailing the problems of 'breast cancer culture'

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Keep A Breast foundation bracelet deemed 'lewd'

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Groups support minority cancer patients

Cancer rates are higher in some minority groups, but some organizations…


Ways to be proactive against breast cancer

If you think you are at risk for breast cancer there are some things you…


Lumpectomy vs. mastectomy

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer one of the decisions she…


Friends' support can help cancer patients

It may be hard to talk about a friend's cancer, but opening the door to…


Cancer patients try alternative treatments

In addition to common treatments, many cancer patients are also using…