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Are the things you eat linked to cancer?

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Fight cancer with lifestyle changes

Making some lifestyle choices can help lower your risk of some cancers.

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Marathon runner fights against breast cancer

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My fight against breast cancer: Pamela

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Genetic testing for inherited breast cancer

Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo a double mastectomy earlier this year…


Researchers: Drugs may stop spread of breast cancer cells

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic find that drugs used to treat blood cancers…



Groups support minority cancer patients

Cancer rates are higher in some minority groups, but some organizations…


Ways to be proactive against breast cancer

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Lumpectomy vs. mastectomy

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Friends' support can help cancer patients

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Plastic surgeon should be on cancer team

Women who need a mastectomy also need to think about what their bodies…


Young women also at risk for breast cancer

Younger women aren't immune to breast cancer. About 10,000 women under…


What to expect after breast cancer

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5 hidden health risks for women

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