The holidays have been turned upside down in South Florida.

Retailer JC Penney is selling Christmas trees with a twist... they're upside down.

The tree, which sells for $180, has been showcased in JC Penney stores throughout Miami-Dade and Broward and has garnered plenty of interest, both good and bad.

Some consumers are crying "Bah humbug" to the new-look by commenting on the Local 10 Facebook page. Comments like "Tacky," "Boooooo," and "I think it's stupid" populate the station's social media page.

But for the most part, most people think the upside down tree is interesting and fun. One fan said, "I love it... more space for all the gifts," while another added, "I like it, very creative."

Standing 5 feet tall, the upside tree comes pre-lit and can be ordered on the retailers website.