BSO K-9 deputy crashes SUV while trying to stop suspect

A Broward Sheriff's Office K-9 deputy crashed his BSO-issued vehicle while attempting to stop a speeding SUV which ran a red light Friday…

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CDC warns about grilling health issues

The CDC says the wire bristles from cleaning brushes can break off and ultimately end up on your food.



Army may have shipped live anthrax to Australia

In what is emerging as a widening military investigation into the accidental shipment of live anthrax, the Army discovered it may have shipped the live pathogen to Australia back around 2008 or 2009, a defense official confirmed Friday.

Following the…


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Woman meets man with her brother's face

When Richard Norris from Virginia received a face transplant three years ago, it transformed his life. Now the sister of the man whose death made that possible has come face-to-face with Norris for the first time.

In an emotional encounter filmed for…


Nutritional supplement helps prevent skin cancer

Researchers speculate that Vitamin B3 helps cells correct the damage caused by cancerous cells.


FBI investigating Johnson and Johnson surgical device...

The FBI is investigating women's cases who underwent procedures with the laparoscopic power morcellator.


Cellphone-related accidents on rise in U.S.

Researchers at Ohio State University say the number of people getting hurt while walking, and using a cell phone, doubled between 2005 and 2010.


Broward County program helps older kids with special needs

'Joshua's Path offers' residential and vocational options



McDonald's changes up its burger

McDonald's is changing the way it makes its burger in hopes of winning back customers.



Fast-food chains taking healthy turns

A number of major fast-food chains and companies have recently announced healthier practices, moving to all-natural ingredients and ending the use of additives.



Scientists eye how foods affect bacteria in your colon

Next time you are trying to decide what's for dinner, consider that you are eating for two. You and your gut microbiome.


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