2,000 pound Great White tagged off the coast of Jacksonville

Researchers from Ocearch tagged and released the female shark Sunday afternoon near the Mayport Naval Station

Published On: Mar 04 2013 06:38:17 AM EST   Updated On: Mar 04 2013 10:42:18 AM EST

Researchers say they have tagged and released a great white shark off the coast of Jacksonville.

Scientists from the non-profit group, Ocearch say they caught the 2,000 pound female Sunday afternoon near the Mayport Naval Station.

Researchers took blood and tissue samples from the shark, which they named "Lydia." They also installed four tracking devices meant to log the shark's travels through satellites and undersea acoustic monitoring. They say the devices will help them understand sharks’ migration patterns.

The blood and tissue samples will be used for genetic analysis that can help compare shark populations in the western and eastern Atlantic and off the African coast.

Lydia is the first Great White to be captured, tagged and released off the coast of Jacksonville. You can track her location on the organization’s website, Ocearch.org