Police arrested two men who detectives say stole a truck and a golf cart and led officers on a two-county chase on Thursday morning.

Gabriel Rodriguez and Juan Rodriguez are charged with grand theft auto and residential burglary.

The pair stole a Ford F-350 from a home in Oakland Park and stole the golf cart from the truck owner's neighbor about 3:44 a.m., say police. Stealing the truck triggered a silent alarm, and the owner saw it pulling away and called 911.

Within a few minutes, an officer found the truck on I-95 with the golf cart in the back, say police. The suspects then led police on a chase west on I-595, then south on I-75, before they took the Palmetto Expressway south.

Police say the pursuit ended near the home of the suspects, near E. 4th Avenue and 59th Street in Hialeah.