Erika Rakow, a reporter for WPLG-TV's sister station in Jacksonville, was six months old when her father, Scott Rakow, was killed in the line of duty.

Rakow was shot and killed during an undercover drug sting in 1988 while working for the Miami Beach Police Department.

Erika said she remembers her father through pictures and stories 25 years later.

"I really learned about the sacrifice my father and so many other officers have made," said Rakow.

As a member of the Special Investigations Unit, Scott was working as a lookout during a drug sting when one of the suspects' cars went flying by. Scott chased the car, crashed into a tree and got out and chased the man. That man shot and killed Erika's father.

"I was begging him to wake up. I was begging him for me and I was begging him for Erika and I was asking him to please pull through even if it meant he was paralyzed," said Erika's mother. "I said, 'I will take care of you the rest of my life I just want you alive.'"

Scott, 28, died.

Rakow's wife lobbied for tougher penalties for cop killers after his death. In 1990, then-Florida Gov Bob Martinez signed the Law Enforcement Protection Act, which is still in effect today.