Thousands of buzzing bees have set up shop at a Coral Gables school.

The swarm is a threat to students at the International Study Center at 1570 Madruga Ave., but the bees have met their match. 

"The moment they sense you're going to attack, they will attack you first," said Rolando Calzadilla, of Man V Pest Environmental Inc.

Calzadilla is working to remove the 50,000 unwanted guests. 

"We keep kids from getting stung, people from getting stung," said Calzadilla. 

After a 50-foot climb sporting gloves and a mesh hat, Calzadilla went on the attack, knocking out hundreds of bees in seconds. 

"The more effective I am, the safer I am, the safer I keep the people around me, because Africanized bees can attack up to a quarter-mile," Calzadilla. 

The goal is to take out the queen bee, which can lay 1,500 eggs in one day.