A timeline of Rodney King's life, including his 1991 beating by Los Angeles police and its aftermath.

March 3, 1991

Rodney King is beaten by LAPD officers after King leads police on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles County. George Holliday videotapes the beating from his apartment balcony.

March 4, 1991

Holliday delivers the tape to local television station, KTLA.

March 7, 1991

Rodney King is released without being charged.

March 15, 1991

Sgt. Stacey Koon and officers Laurence Michael Powell, Timothy Wind, and Theodore Briseno are indicted by a Los Angeles grand jury in connection with the beating.

May 10, 1991

A grand jury refuses to indict 17 officers who stood by at the King beating and did nothing.

November 26, 1991

Superior Court Judge Stanley Weisberg orders the trial of the four officers charged in the King beating to be moved to Simi Valley.

April 29, 1992

The four white LAPD officers are acquitted of beating King. Riots start at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles. Reginald Denny, a white truck driver, is pulled from his truck and beaten. A news helicopter captures the beating on videotape. Gov. Pete Wilson declares a state of emergency and calls in National Guard troops.

April 30-May 4, 1992

Dusk-to-dawn curfews are enforced in the city and county of Los Angeles

Watch: LA Riots

May 1, 1992

Rodney King makes an emotional plea for calm, stating, "People, I just want to say, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids?"

August 4, 1992

A federal grand jury returns indictments against Koon, Powell, Wind, and Briseno on the charge of violating the civil rights of Rodney King.

February 25, 1993

Trial begins.

April 16, 1993