Volunteers are working to rescue baby sea turtles being attracted to the dangerous street near Fort Lauderdale Beach by lights at nearby businesses.

A video posted online this week showed dozens of turtle hatchlings that were crushed by cars on A1A in Fort Lauderdale.

Richard Whitecloud, founder of Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, shot the video. He said the turtles were crawling toward the lights at Primanti Brothers Pizza on the other side of A1A from the water.

STOP is a volunteer group permitted by the state to monitor the sea turtle nests in Broward County. That group and another that launched a Facebook page called "Help Stop the Massacre of Baby Sea Turtles in Fort Lauderdale" accused the city of not enforcing its own lighting ordinance on businesses on the strip.

"We're not asking for people to jump over hurdles that don't exist," Whitecloud said. "We're asking for implementation of stuff that already has been manifested."

The mayor and the district commissioner did not return calls. But a representative said the city is investing nearly $2 million to install turtle-friendly lights along A1A. The existing poles have been retrofitted to shield light from the beach, and more than 170 notices of violations have been issued this year to seaside businesses.

Eric Kosloski, the owner of Primanti Brothers, is working with STOP to make his business less attractive to the turtles, even though according to the city, he is in compliance. He hopes his efforts will shed light on the turtle troubles for other businesses on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

"It isn't about a one-story Primanti Brothers. It's the big picture of everyone saying, 'Let's try this,'" Kosloski said.