Headling back to college means spending money on more than just new clothes and furniture for your dorm. As many college students and parents know, it's the book costs that add up.

While web sites like Amazon and eBay are common places to turn. There are two other sites our Local 10 team has tested out that may work for you.

The first site is called cashforbooks.net. This resource allowed you to get rid of some of your old books in an easy three-step process. The site is looking for books published no earlier than 2009, but if you have some sitting around just head to the website and enter the approapriate information. You'll then be provided with an estimate of how much that book is worth. If you want to make the sale, free shipping supplies will be sent to you.

Another resource that actually lets you rent books is called chegg.com. You can buy and sell books here the same way, but if there is a text book you only plan on using for one class you could actually rent it out then return it when you are finished.