A South Florida Christian band is revolutionizing Haitian gospel music with a controversial approach.

Revelation Mizik uses “Chwa-Pa’m,” which is traditionally viewed as secular Haitian music.

Although the group has met some opposition, the band says it is necessary to break down barriers when trying to reach a younger generation.

The band travels the world ministering through music. Their last concert stops included Paris, Montreal, and North Carolina.

Even those who don’t speak Creole find a connection to the lyrics.

“I don’t understand when I am performing. They start screaming, 'They want more! They want more!' But they can’t understand, because we are playing in Creole. They must find something inside that makes them jam it,” Lead singer Rossiny Brenelus said.

It was well over 10 years ago when the group was first founded.

The goal was to produce fresh Haitian music that would cater to Creole speaking teens, a demographic often ignored.

"In Revelation Mizik, we tried to change everything and make it new for this next generation. That is what the youth really needs right now. That is why we are so different,” said Brenelus

Some video clips from their concerts have been viewed over 80,000 times on YouTube.

It’s no surprise that the group gets weekly requests to perform across the country.

When the band’s not performing, they collect donations for Haiti, a mission they hold close to their heart.

Revelation Mizik says they will continue composing in hopes of reaching those who need to hear the message of faith.