PHOTOS: Jamaica Day 1

Our team will study Jamaica's very colorful history that dates back hundreds of years.

Jamaica was first claimed by Spain when Christopher Columbus landed in 1494. Over the centuries, Jamaica has been known for slavery, pirating, Rastafarianism and its incredible enterprising spirit.

Sure, we will visit the most well-known places like Dunn's River Falls and Montego Bay Beach, but we plan to find hidden jewels you haven't seen on the Travel Channel.

We will, of course, dig into Bob Marley's legacy and enduring influence on Jamaican musical artists. The country has produced a litany of superstars including: Jimmy Cliff, Sean Paul, Sean  Kingston and Alicia Keys. More kids in Jamaica aspire to be musicians than anything else. Jason will be doing some serious reggae Karaoke!

Usain Bolt is just the latest world-class speedster to come from this tiny island.  We will investigate what makes Jamaicans so fast. We will be lucky to be in Kingston on Sunday to watch the Olympics 100-Meter dash final with more than 100,000 cheering Jamaicans. It should be insane.

The independence celebrations are a major deal for the very large Jamaican diaspora in South Florida. Broward County is home to the fastest-growing group of Jamaican immigrants in the USA. There are 125,000+ Jamaicans in the county.

We will be blogging throughout this trip and sending back photos, which we will publish in slideshows accessible through this page. In fact, now might be a good time to bookmark this page so you can check back often and keep up with our updates.

To make our trip even more interesting, what could be Tropical Storm Ernesto is forecasted to head towards Jamaica so we will be there for that as well. Fun!