Child Victim: Yeah.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: While your dad was causing these, what was your mom doing?

Child Victim: She was sitting down.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Okay, and when your dad was causing the injuries to your brother what was your mom doing?

Child Victim: Sitting down still.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Did she try to jump up and stop?

Child Victim: No.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Was she saying anything while this was happening?

Child Victim: Saying, "Please, no, stop it."

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Was she saying that when she was getting stabbed or was she saying that while you were getting stabbed?

Child Victim: While she was getting stabbed, one time she got stabbed, right here.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Alright, you are pointing at your stomach.

The 7-year-old then says he attempted to drive away.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: You sat down in the driver's seat? Okay and you tried to drive?

Child Victim: Yeah, but I couldn't.

After pleading for his life, the boy described how he grabbed the knife and tried to fight back.

Child Victim: I had the knife and said no more, he was looking for it. I had the knife and I want to throw it away out the window, I had the knife after he dropped it....then he grabbed it again, he went into bathroom and stabbed me like, three times again. Then he fell on the floor.

BSO Detective: Did your mom have the cut already before he stabbed you?

Child Victim: No, I was first.

BSO Detective: You're tough.

Child Victim: Yeah - like Samson.

BSO Detective: Oh, because your name is like Samson in the Bible and he was strong, right?

Child Victim: He knocked down buildings.

BSO Detective: That's a perfect name for you then....While all this was happening was your dad saying anything to you guys?

Child Victim: Yeah he was saying, "Go on with God."