"With a sad face, I posted it on Facebook. I was really surprised everyone started reaching out," he said. "We knew had to do something.”

Braddock alumni across the country began to ask how they could help, which led to strategy meetings. Before long, they launched “Focus On Tomorrow”.

"While the TV program at Braddock is the focus right now, we have encompassed that project into a save the arts campaign," Barroso said. "Other schools are losing different programs for a variety of reasons. I think the time is now for our community to come together and invest in our kids. These programs are failing and I think it’s beyond the school's responsibility. It is the community's responsibility to contribute.”

Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho told Local 10 he is excited about Focus on Tomorrow’s vision because he shares their passion for protecting programs that foster creativity.

WATCH Local10.com Extra: Carvalho talks about Focus on Tomorrow

“A well-rounded education without extensionally important aspects of music, art, physical education and elective programs like journalism, is not a public education. Actually, it is not an education at all," Carvalho said. "I think we are ushering in a new era in public education, particularly here in Miami-Dade, a real revolution of ideas and experiences. But it requires a marriage of stakeholders, the clients of public education and those who actually provide the services. And the gateway -- the bridge between those two -- is the private sector; the private sector in this example has been incredibly important in reviving a program of incredible value to our community, the journalism program.”

“I have a special place for the arts because not everybody is going to be an accountant, not everybody is going to be a doctor, and arts is where you can express yourself," Herzog told Local 10.

This will be her last year at the school. And she couldn’t help but get choked up knowing that after fighting so hard for the success of her students. they were now fighting to restore the program she once ran.

“I’m just so proud of you guys," she said. "I mean, how many teachers have this honor? I’m being blessed.”

To donate to Focus On Tomorrow: http://focus-on-tomorrow.org/contribute/

Prominent Braddock alumni: http://focus-on-tomorrow.org/other-alumni/

PHOTOS:Christina Vazquez through the years

PHOTOS: Focus on Tomorrow event

Published On: Sep 12 2012 10:20:11 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 14 2012 02:58:22 PM EDT
Focus on Tomorrow - Save the Arts event

Focus On Tomorrow is a non-profit organization made up of Braddock High School alumni that strives to help save the arts in our schools. Local 10's Christina Vazquez is a graduate of Braddock, and hosted the event.

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Focus On Tomorrow is a non-profit organization made up of Braddock High School alumni that strives to help save the arts in our schools.

Will Barroso - Director, Focus on Tomorrow, Christina Vazquez 

Will Barroso is a staff Accountant at WLS, the ABC station in Chicago, and a Braddock Alum.

Will is the one who rallied other Braddock alumni together and created the non--profit Focus On Tomorrow which aims to promote creativity and support arts programs in South Florida public schools. Our first project: restore the broadcast journalism program at our alma mater which inspired many of us to pursue careers in film and television. The school's principal Manuel Garcia told Local 10 the lights went dark in the school's television studio two years ago because they didn't have the money to upgrade what had become outdated equipment.