Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue demonstrates deep frying turkey safety

Fire officials warn against frozen turkey dropping into hot oil

Published On: Nov 16 2012 12:06:22 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 16 2012 04:16:06 PM EST
DAVIE, Fla. -

A deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving can be delicious, but also extremely dangerous. 

On Friday, the Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue showed what can happen when a frozen turkey is dropped into sizzling oil. The deep fryer can catch fire. 

"They contain a lot of oil and that oil can be very hot. It can cause serious burns even under controlled conditions," said Mike Jachles with Broward Sheriff's Fire Rescue. 

The number of house fires is greatest on Thanksgiving Day and, according to fire officials, it's because of deep fryers catching fire. 

"If your oil is too hot, it will splash over and spatter. It could cause a fire. That's what we generally see," added Jachles. 

A thawed out turkey can present similar problems when dropped into hot oil because small amounts of water are still in the bird. Fire officials say people need to have a fire extinguisher nearby and should give themselves plenty of space to cook because of a potential oil spill. 

"If you want to enjoy deep fried turkey, leave it to the professionals. Get it from a restaurant or a grocer, someone that has a commercial grade fryer that can be done safely, and you can still enjoy it," said Jachles.