A video of Casey Anthony has surfaced on YouTube, six months after she was acquitted in the death of her daughter.

The black-and-white video appeared on YouTube overnight and states that it was recorded on Oct. 1, 2011.

ABC News reported the woman is Anthony, who was found not guilty of murder exactly six months ago in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

In the video, the woman has a close-cropped, blonde hairdo and is wearing black-rimmed glasses.

Anthony says there's not much going on in her life, but added that it's nice to be able to use Skype, keep a video log and take pictures.  She also says she's adopted a dog.

The video also provides a link to a website and references the name of Amelia Sobel, an apparent graphic designer who lists Vivid Entertainment, an adult video production group, as her employer.

Shortly after Anthony was acquitted of murder, Vivid offered Anthony a paid role in one of its productions.  The company rescinded the offer the next day because of public backlash.

On Wednesday night, Sobel posted on Twitter that she uploaded the video to YouTube. 

The YouTube poster wrote, "Video diary recorded 10/1/2011. I don't know yet where this came from, it was simply floating around Facebook.  I will post more when I know.  Sorry for the horrible sound! I have no affiliation with her, and if I did, it would be brief."

Anthony, 25, is currently serving probation on unrelated charges in an undisclosed Florida location.