They'll run such complex plays as: Give the ball to Dwyane, or hand it to LeBron or the ever-confusing, dump it down to Bosh.

This team can sleep-walk to 115 points on most nights.

The question will be: In the Eastern Conference Finals, can they stop Boston? In the Finals, will they be able to slow down Oklahoma City (thought I was going to say the Lakers didn't you--- I was just making sure you're paying attention).


Pat Riley's dedication to the men and woman who serve this country is real.

I've watched it first-hand.

Before every Heat game, everyone in the building rises to salute someone who has served.

As such, putting camp on an Air Force Base isn't a cheap publicity ploy.

Sure, it may buy the team a little time away from the crazy press.

But still, I don't question the sincerity of the move, or the positive outcome of the decision.

Doesn't Count Yet

Doing the right things, saying the right things, all well and good.

They say you should enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the process.

Sorry, that just doesn't fly with the 2010-2011 Heat.

As excited as I am about what they did in September, it's only worth something if it translates in June.