Former UM standout Najeh Davenport struck a deal in a Miami courtroom Tuesday that will spare him jail time, then professed his innocence after the proceedings.

A judge sentenced Davenport (pictured) to 100 hours of community service and it's likely most of it will be performed in Overtown, where he grew up.

Davenport also plans to make a donation to his alma mater, Central High School.

Davenport still maintains he did not defecate in a girl's laundry basket at Barry University.

"If it happened April 1, I didn't get a phone call about it until June 6. They didn't start investigating till March 3. Where's the (feces)? All that's stuff build a case against me, they don't have?" Davenport said.

Davenport, who now plays for the Green Bay Packers, says he settled the case to avoid a costly trial.