Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich got a standing ovation and a big applause at Versailles in Little Havana on Friday morning.

"I must say, after two cafe cubanos, I am much more energized," said Gingrich. 

Photos: Gingrich visits Versailles

His daughter Kathy Gingrich-Lubbers, a Key Biscayne resident, joined him at the event.

"It's a lot of fun. We love having my dad here, and my father is the only person including the president that has cut taxes, cut spending and balanced the budget four years in a row," said Gingrich-Lubbers. 

With her at his side, Gingrich said he's going to win the Florida primary, as he tackled tough issues like Cuba and the Castros. 

"We should be committed to a transition from the Castro brothers to freedom in Cuba rather than a transition to the next generation of dictators," said Gingrich.

The presidential hopeful said the U.S. must keep the embargo, roll back travel rules for Cuban-Americans and increase pressure on the Castro regime. 

"My goal as president will be to create a Cuban spring that is more exciting than the Arab spring," said Gingrich.

"Most candidates when they come to this area, they speak about that, but he went a step further," said Jorge Barrio, who attended the event.

After leaving Versailles, Gingrich went to Radio Mambi, where he met with a large group of Cuban exile leaders.

Then, Gingrich hit the airwaves on Univision Radio to sway the Cuban-American vote to his side. Sitting beside him was U.S. Rep. David Rivera of Miami, who has endorsed Gingrich.

"I think it is vital that we (are) saying to the people of Cuba that the time for transition -- not to the next generation of dictatorship but to freedom -- has come," said Gingrich. 

Mitt Romney made no mention of immigration policy in his campaign appearance in West Palm Beach on Thursday.