Goat-dating deer lives with veterinarian

Doe has goat boyfriend named Kenny

Published On: Mar 26 2013 11:31:42 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 26 2013 01:29:53 PM EDT

A hard working veterinarian keeps bringing her work home with her. And now, a former patient has become a part of her family. 

Dillie the doe is nearly 4 feet tall, weighs 130 pounds and is quite the kisser. 

"She's such a loving animal, so full of love and joy and really a gift to us -- a blessing to us," said Melanie Butera.  

One big surprise for Dillie, is that this deer is not single. In fact, she has a boyfriend who lives in Florida. But her love interest isn’t a fellow deer. He's a farm-raised goat named Kenny.

Butera said there’s even a picture of Kenny on Dillie’s nightstand. 

Butera said she did not plan to take Dillie in as a pet nine years ago. But when she nursed the farm-raised doe back to health and realized that she didn't like being out in the barn with the horses, Dillie started hanging out inside.

Dillie's day starts at 5:30 a.m. She wakes up and goes downstairs to get some cereal, bananas and some tea.

Dillie is also a very popular doe on the internet. She has her own website and Facebook page!