It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Right as I was settling into my seat to enjoy the Heat's new dynamic trio, Dwyane Wade hurts his hamstring.

Talk about sucking the life out of a building.

Fired Up For Preseason?

First of all, that I was going to a preseason NBA game in early October was unique.

I've been credentialed to cover the Heat since 2003, and I'm not sure if I've ever gone to one.

So, I'm walking toward the arena at about five and I see scalpers.

That's right scalpers.

For a preseason game!

More than two hours before tip-time!

My favorite scalper was wearing a pair of handcuffs, while an undercover cop in a Wade jersey phoned it in.

Three Kings Arrive Early

First thing I see when I get courtside to help with our liveshot is the following: Wade, LeBron and Bosh all warming up together.

How amazing is that?

It's over 2 hours before a preseason game, and 2 of the greatest 5 players on planet earth are feet from me warming up.

After the game, Wade said that was the strange moment for him too (not seeing me-- being out there with his teammates early).

Flash looked at them and thought-- wow, these are my teammates.

The Show Before The Show

Finally, it was close to tip-time.

The building wasn't totally packed, but it was a large crowd.

The scene that unfolded was surreal.

LeBron walked over to the far scorer's table, grabbed his chalk and threw it straight up in the air.

Not to be outdone, Wade walked over to both sides of the court and raised his hands, getting the crowd pumped.

This team will lead the league in pregame rituals.

Fast Start