The first few possessions, the intensity was tremendous.

You could see the Big Three pushing for that highlight play.

Wade and LeBron had one fast-break, but they were so hyped, it didn't result in any points.

I was waiting for that moment.

All of a sudden, there was Wade grabbing the back of his leg.

He limped off the court and asked for a sub.

Not the way Mike Miller wanted to make his AmericanAirlines Arena debut, I'm sure.

And just like that, it was over.

Wade Will Be Fine, So Will The Heat

I'm not a doctor, but I'm sure Wade will be fine.

The hammy probably needs a little rest.

Heat say they'll evaluate it in a week, Wade says it'll be about two weeks.

That's fine.

Miami still looked incredibly impressive with just LeBron and Bosh.

The number of skills in LeBron's arsenal is phenomenal.

He's a 2-time MVP, I'm not breaking any news.

I'm convinced he'll average a triple-double.

Better Now

Still, the night just wasn't the same once Wade left.

Oh well.

I'd rather be disappointed in October than June.