Hugo Chavez

nicolas maduro

Maduro: Chávez picks Pope Francis

According to interim president, Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Chávez had a hand in…

Plan to embalm Chavez 'highly unlikely'

Venezuela's acting president said Wednesday that it is highly unlikely…

Venezuelans investigate Chavez poisoning

The Venezuelan government has opened a formal inquiry into claims that…

Death of Hugo Chavez

S. Fla. Venezuelans: Reopen Miami consulate

As Venezuela prepares for the funeral of President Hugo Chavez, the…


FIU experts to discuss Venezuela after Chavez

Florida International University's School of International and Public…

Thousands of Cubans honor Chavez

Tens of thousands of Cubans are streaming past a memorial to the late…

Citgo flags

Citgo lowers US flags to honor Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan-based Citgo has angered some for lowering the U.S. flag in…

Venezuela baseall

Baseball fans talk Chavez's death

In Jupiter, the Miami Marlins played the Venezuelan national team in an…

Cuba, oil prices after Chavez's death

What impact will the death of Hugo Chavez have on Cuba and the oil market…

Death of Hugo Chavez

The death of Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies.

Death of Hugo Chavez

Sen. Marco Rubio comments on death of Hugo Chavez

Senator Marco Rubio released a statement Wednesday morning, commenting on…

Republican Representative, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen On Chavez's Death

Ros-Lehtinen is the congressional representative from Florida's 27th…

Hugo Chavez president Venezuela

CNN Image

Investors brace for impact of Chavez's death on oil futures

Oil markets are taking the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in…


Venezuelans celebrate in Doral

Many Venezuelans living in the U.S. celebrated and expressed optimism…


VP Maduro is interim president

Venezuela's foreign minister says Vice President Nicolas Maduro will serve…

Death of Hugo Chavez

World leaders on Chavez's death

Several world leaders and U.S. politicians issue statements regarding…

Hugo Chavez obituary

Chavez's death echoes with leftists worldwide

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death is eliciting reactions as mixed…

Hugo Chavez first inauguration


Hugo Chavez through the years

With word coming Tuesday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died,…

Hugo Chavez president Venezuela

CNN Image

Fiery Venezuelan leader dies at 58

He saw himself as a revolutionary and savior of the poor. But the legacy…

Hugo Chavez

Jorge Silva/Reuters

Venezuela announces Chavez's death

Venezuela's defense minister is pledging that the military will remain…

Death of Hugo Chavez

What's next for Venezuela?

What's next for Venezuela following the death of President Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez


Hugo Chavez dead at 58

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro says President Hugo Chavez has…

Doral announces plan amid Chavez news

The city of Doral announces its contingency plan for security and traffic…

Hugo Chavez health

Venezuela VP: Chavez 'battling' for life

Venezuela's vice president says that President Hugo Chavez is fighting for…

Hugo Chavez health

Venezuelan VP: Hugo Chavez 'fighting for his life'

Venezuela's vice president says President Hugo Chavez is fighting "for…

Hugo Chavez with daughters

First photos of Chavez in months released

Venezuela's government released the first images of Hugo Chavez since he…

Chavez opponents to challenge inauguration delay

Venezuela's opposition says it plans to ask the Supreme Court to rule on…

Hugo Chavez Chemo Medical Look

Chavez suffers 'new complications'

Hugo Chavez has suffered "new complications" following his cancer surgery…

Chavez says cancer back, plans surgery

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced Saturday night that his cancer…

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