Jen Fighting for You: FPL poles

Jen Herrera helps another Local 10 viewer

Published On: Apr 25 2012 04:53:32 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 25 2012 09:06:33 PM EDT

Pastor Jeff Snyder was frustrated.

"I wish they'd get out here and do their job," he told Local 10’s Jen Herrera.

For the past year, he's been on the phone with Florida Power and Light, trying to get an ugly and potentially dangerous old pole removed from his church lot.

"My concern is for the kids who play underneath these wires. The pole is tilted this way, and it's likely to fall," he said while pointing to the pole.

Part of the parking lot of Broadview Baptist Church in North Lauderdale also serves as a play area. There is painted asphalt below the pole in question, which was propped up with a piece of wood.

"I've talked to FPL. I've talked to their field office, district manager, not getting anywhere," Snyder said.

That's why the pastor decided to reach out to Local 10. Herrera called FPL, which said it did not own the pole. It belonged to AT&T, but that company couldn't do anything until one critical step took place

"FPL had to turn off a live wire. After that, they started chopping the pole and working on down with their wire transfers," said Snyder.

Once FPL finished its work moving that high-voltage wire, AT&T was able to come out and do its part, removing the old, leaning pole. Now, all that's left is a new pole, which is supposed to be there.

“We don't have a pole hanging over our heads, a high-tension wire hanging over our heads, so it's a much safer situation than what we had," said Snyder.

FPL said the pastor's problem should have been handled in a more timely manner.