KEY WEST, Fla. -

The Keys Energy Service is sending seven linemen to Long Island, N.Y., to help with post-Hurricane Sandy power restoration.

The linemen, along with three bucket trucks, one digger truck, and a utility pole trailer, left for New York early Friday.

KEYS’ Hurricane Restoration Crew will be joining nearly 2,000 personnel from around the country to assist the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) with power restoration.

On Tuesday, KEYS sent seven linemen to Delaware to assist with post-storm power restoration. While en route, KEYS’ crew received word from the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, Inc. that their assistance was no longer needed due to minimal damage and power outages in their area.

“Our crew was looking forward to lending their unique hurricane restoration experience to our fellow public power utilities in Delaware before we were told our assistance was no longer needed,” said Lynne Tejeda, KEYS’ General Manager & CEO. “I’m glad they will now be able to assist our fellow public power utility in Long Island and help light the path to recovery.”