Twelve pairs of LeBron James' new shoes, called "LeBron X Cutting Jade," were raffled off at Aventura Mall on Thursday morning.

"These were actually seen on LeBron in Beijing about a month back," said Jason Kanfer with Unknwn, the only place that carries the shoes.

The store held a raffle on Thursday morning for 12 lucky shoppers who became the first to own the exclusive shoes that retail for $180.

"I actually got a lot of LeBrons. I have 12 to 14 pairs," said Ham Molian.

"These are a pair of sneakers that are getting released to the public in a month or so, and it's very important that he gets his hands on them," said Holly Munson.

Another pair, the "Blue Diamond X's" will retail for $270 because they have a special computer chip.

"It's a chip that's actually in the shoe that measures how much you ran, the distance, how high you have been jumping, the calories burnt," said Kanfer.