Residents of a Delray Beach home are cleaning up a big mess after a projectile from a lightning strike flew through their storm shutters and into their house late Sunday.

As Tropical Storm Isaac roared across South Florida late Sunday night, Delray Beach resident Christine Amoroso sat glued to her television to watch the forecast.

All of the sudden, she heard an explosion.

"It was a big bang like a cannon shot,” Amoroso said.

A bolt of lightning during the storm struck a neighbor's tree, sending a smoldering five-foot splinter of wood across the road and into a clam-shell awning covering a side window.

In seconds, Amoroso said the wood crashed through the glass, screeched across her closet door, hitting a cabinet and piercing a wall. It missed the 83-year-old home health care aide by just a couple of feet.

"And I thought, 'oh!' Before I even had a chance to think about it, all this happened. It came in and trashed immediately,” Amoroso said.

Dirt from the wood splattered inside the house, dotting Amoroso’s family photos and walls. The cabinet on which they were sitting broke into pieces.

"Glass everywhere. Glass on that couch, covered with glass," Amoroso said.

Shaken but calm, Amoroso called 911. Paramedics arrived to find her unharmed.

"In my 28 years of working in the fire service I have never seen anything like this. The occupant of the home is extremely lucky to have escaped from this incident without any injuries,” said Assistant Chief Russell Accardi with Delray Beach Fire Rescue.

Amoroso thanks God and a little bit of luck for sparing her life.

"Yeah, everything. Everything. I came so close. It just wasn't my time I guess," she said.

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Published On: Aug 28 2012 03:52:44 PM EDT
Delray Beach home is hit by projectile from lightning strike

Residents from a Delray Beach home are trying to clean up a big mess after a projectile from a lightning strike flew right into their house late Sunday.

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