An MDX meeting Tuesday afternoon will discuss possible changes to the toll structure on the Dolphin and Airport Expressways.

The Expressway Authority is aiming to add a higher surcharge for non Sunpass users who are billed by plate. Tolls for Sunpass users would be lowered at some locations. Last year MDX collected more than $122 Million in tolls on the five expressways they manage; the changes could double that number.

Here are the changes planned for State Route 112, the Airport Expressway:

  • Tolls that are currently collected in the eastbound lanes @ NW 12th Ave are currently $1. They would be reduced to 30 or 35 cents for Sunpass users. Twice that rate for toll-by-plate
  • Another toll will be created at NW 32nd Ave. for eastbound and westbound lanes at the same rate.

Here are the changes planned for State Route 836, the Dolphin Expressway:

  • Tolls at NW 17th Ave. and 97th Ave. would be reduced to 65 or 70 cents, double for toll-by-plate users.
  • New tolls would be added at NW 57th Ave., also 65 or 70 cents.
  • A new toll will be created for WB drivers at NW 17th Ave., also 65 or 70 cents.