The first thing that many people see when they enter Pembroke Pines is a spelling error.

A Local 10 viewer emailed the above picture of the welcome sign on Pines Boulevard to

The sign brags that the Pines is, "the city for your family and your business."

Unfortunately, business is spelled 'busines.' The bottom portion of the sign was removed Monday afternoon.

Michael Stamm, the director of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Pembroke Pines, said on Monday that a car hit the sign. Stamm said the letter broke off during the accident, and that the sign was about to be replaced.

Stamm said he found out about the misspelled sign on Monday morning through the city online system where residents contact the city about issues they see.

Stamm said it should cost less than $30 to fix the sign. He checked other signs in the city and said all of them are spelled correctly.

If you see misspellings anywhere, take a picture and email them to