Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is bringing his bus tour to Miami on Monday.

Romney is scheduled to campaign at El Palacio De Los Jugos at 7085 Coral Way on Monday afternoon.

Late Sunday, Reinaldo Bermudez, the owner of El Palacio De Los Jugos, was preparing for Romney's visit.

"I've been here around the clock. Look I'm sweating, working hard," said Bermudez.

Some patrons hoped U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio would be Romney's running mate. Now, they are trying to get to know Rep. Paul Ryan, who once supported lifting the embargo with Cuba.

"I'm really confused about why he picked a guy who voted in favor of lifting the embargo," said Mel Reyes.

But the announcement didn't appear to curtail the enthusiasm for Romney.

"We want to remove Obama any way," said Reyes.

Bermudez had another reason to be excited about Monday -- his wife is being induced and will give birth in the morning.

"Tomorrow at 7 a.m., I'm meeting my baby Mia and then I come back at 2 in the afternoon to meet our future president," he said.

Romney was also expected in Orlando on Monday, but the event was canceled. He will be making an early morning appearance in St. Augustine before heading to South Florida.