For the first time since he was jailed, accused of molesting four students, a former Catholic school teacher spoke publicly about what happened and who else may be to blame. 

Local 10's Glenna Milberg went to the Broward County Jail on Friday to speak with Miguel Cala. For an inmate not expecting a visit, he warmed quickly to conversation. 

VIDEO: Full raw jailhouse interview

"It's been very painful," Cala said. "The news, when it came out, you know, people in here are threatening me because they think I'm a monster." 

Cala has never denied his illegal behavior with four of his music students. 

"It's so hard to, I think, for the public to reconcile someone who loved those boys so much is now charged with a crime against them," Milberg said. 

"I tried my best until I couldn't try anymore," Cala said. "I trusted God a lot. I trusted prayer, and I did everything by the book." 

Now, Cala said he struggles with questions of how his church elders, to whom he confessed his demons, gave him a position teaching young boys. 

"Who do you think failed you? Was it God? Did God fail you? Or did man fail you?" Milberg asked. 

"I am battling with that, to answer that question myself right now. I don't know, probably a mix of both, I guess," Cala said. 

"When they gave you that job at St. Andrews, were you surprised? Were you surprised that they gave you that job?" Milberg asked. 

"No, no I wasn't," he said.

"Even after all that you told them?" Milberg asked. 

"It was a great opportunity for me to praise the Lord and teach music," Cala said. 

"Why do something to compromise such a great opportunity?" Milberg asked. 

"That's one of those things that I cannot understand," Cala said. 

"Are there other people legally responsible for what happened?" Milberg asked. 

"I don't know," Cala said. 

"Yes you do. Yes you do. You know," Milberg said. 

"That will be determined, probably," Cala said. 

"What do you think? What does Miguel Cala think?" Milberg asked. 

"I guess," Cala said. 

Cala's criminal attorney has asked him not to name names. His alleged victims have filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Miami. 

"Is there a way that you can shed some light on people in high places that could have helped you but did not, or could have protected those children and did not? Do those people exist?" Milberg asked. 

"They could have, yes," Cala said. 

"Was there a cover-up? Was there a cover-up in your case?" Milberg asked. 

"It's possible. There is so much information that I cannot obviously give you," Cala said. "But it will come out." 

Cala's criminal case is scheduled to start at the end of September. Cala said he is looking forward to telling all and naming names to a judge.