Molestation suspect married, possibly to stay in US

Child's doctor asked school to investigate teacher

Published On: Jul 19 2012 06:02:16 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 20 2012 02:11:23 PM EDT

Local 10 has learned of a secret marriage between molestation suspect Miguel Cala and another St. Andrew Catholic School teacher, which may have been arranged to keep Cala in the U.S. 

The marriage happened after Cala said he told priests he had sexual urges for children. 

The U.S. government told Cala, a citizen of Venezuela, in December 2007 he would have to go back to that country. But then, weeks later, Cala married Carla Engelgau in Deerfield Beach. At the time, she was working as a speech pathologist at St. Andrews. 

In a videotaped deposition, Jeff Herman, an attorney for the alleged molestation victims, spoke with the Rev. George Puthusseril, the former pastor of St. Andrews, about the marriage. 

"Did they tell you that it was, they were keeping it, their marriage, secret?" Herman asked. 

"Yes," Puthusseril said. 

"What did you believe the reason was they got married?" Herman asked. 

"I believed it may have been for his immigration status," Puthusseril said. 

In another deposition released to Local 10 by the plaintiff's attorney, Engelgau spoke of her marriage to Cala. 

"Because of the immigration issue, we had decided quickly to get married," she said. "He had a deportation order." 

Court records show Engelgau filed for divorce shortly after Cala was arrested on charges that he molested several boys. 

Doctor urged school to investigate Cala 

Cala has said he warned church leaders at the Archdiocese of Miami that he had sexual urges for children before they gave him a job teaching music at St. Andrews. 

The Archdiocese has told Local 10 it ran a background check and no red flags came up. 

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But in February 2010, Coral Springs pediatrician Dr. Christine George-Wray, of Y2K Pediatrics Inc., wrote a letter to the school. It did not involve claims of molestation, but whatever her young patient told her was clearly so concerning that it prompted the doctor to ask school officials to investigate Cala, its music teacher. 

George-Wray wrote that the child told her Cala "routinely insults, threatens and intimidates the students." 

Other priests at the seminary where Cala studied before becoming a teacher already knew of similar behavior. In a video deposition provided by the alleged victims' attorney, the Rev. Pedro Corces spoke of Cala: 

"He was very aggressive. He had issues with authority, difficult person to live with," Corces said. 

In her letter, George-Wray also said, "We must express our concern about the fear that this child has for this particular teacher. We trust that you would understand the importance of this problem." 

Former principal Lois Lawlor told an attorney for the plaintiffs that she received George-Wray's letter but did not investigate. 

"It wasn't out of sight. It just didn't need to be done," Lawlor said.