The 2010 Miami Heat are the most celebrated team in the history of sports, that has yet to win a single game.

The hype machine has been in overdrive the last week.

It culminated with the following, a song by the rapper Flo Rida (not pictured) entitled "We Already Won (The Miami Heat Song).

You can find it on YouTube.

First things first

This song is WAY better than the horrendous T-Pain Miami Dolphins song.

As a child, I had multiple surgeries on my ears.

I would gladly exchange any of those for the aural insult that is T-Pain's auto-tuned abomination.

So at least this is catchy.

Now to the title of this blog.

I was there at the AmericanAirlines Arena the night the Heat introduced LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

They were handing out placards with a photo of the Big Three that read "Yes. We. Did."

Of course, they were mirroring the language of President Obama's campaign slogan "Yes. We. Can."

Never, a good idea to mix politics and sports.

But you can just call this the audacity of hoop.

That nightfelt a little dirty.

How can you throw such a big party, for a team that hasn't done anything yet?

Yes. We. Did.

What exactly did you do?

You signed three players.

Three awesome players.

Two sure-fire Hall of Famers.

But you haven't won anything yet.

Underneath all the noise and laughter, I kept thinking, God help this team if they don't win a title.

This is "Dewey Beats Truman" embarrassing.