I don't blame the fans or the media.

How could they not drown in the pool of Heat adulation?

This SHOULD be an incredibly good basketball team.

The role players they've filled in, make for a roster this is built to win and win big.

But they haven't done it yet.

The Heat marketing machine should push this team.

It sells season-tickets, gets you the cover of 'Sports Illustrated,' and creates a frenzy for your fans.

But head coach Erik Spoelstra has the opposite job.

He needs to bring these guys back down to earth.

Here are the facts.

The Heat were embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs the last two years.

LeBron James has never won an NBA title.

Dwyane Wade has an injury history.

Chris Bosh has never played in a meaningful NBA game.

Does it mean these guys can't have a parade down Biscayne Boulevard eventually?

Absolutely not.

But I can't get down with this premature party.

Although, Flo Rida did put together a catchy little soundtrack for the insanity.