No more dead cell phone batteries with Go Charge

Local company helps you charge on the go

Published On: Jul 26 2012 03:40:41 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 28 2012 05:37:32 PM EDT
MIAMI, Fla. -

Smart phones are doing more things for us every day. However their batteries don't seem to be keeping up. Now there's a way to charge on the go.

Paul King, like most of us, uses his Blackberry all day long. He’s talking, emailing, texting, until his battery dies.

”I just thought I'm probably not the only one this happens to, it probably happens all the time,” said King.

He thought of a solution, GoCharge. Cell phone charging stations for malls, restaurants or bars. Anywhere people are out and need a quick charge.

“Once people get used to the idea of charging their phone when they are out, they start relying on it, they start depending on it,” said King.

Hayden Gonzales was pleased when he saw a GoCharge terminal being installed at Midtown in Miami.

“People a lot of times are walking around their phones are dead, you can't get in contact with them. I think they could stop off, put their phone on charge, come back and get it. I think it's a great idea,” said Gonzales.

A GoCharge station can handle 5 phones at a time. Each power boost takes a half hour and costs 5 dollars.

King and his partners have installed over 1000 GoChargers in the U.S. and six other countries.

It's taken millions of dollars to get the business off the ground, but they claim they're already making a profit, and have a bright future.

“The upside is kind of scary, there's 400,000 ATM's in the country. We think we have the next ATM,” said King

Paula Lemes’ phone also dies all the time, leaving her feeling almost out of breath. “Oh my gosh I feel completely lost, like oh no. It's like air. No cell-no air. It's a great idea. I love it, love it."

The GoCharge people tell us they have an app for iPhones now and one for Android platforms in the works. You can find the latest news about GoCharge at