A misspelled sign near an elementary school is raising eyebrows and leading to questions from parents.


A Local 10 viewer sent us the photo of this sign, which spells "scohol" at the corner of 50th Street and Pine Island Road in Lauderhill. He noticed it while picking up his son from school Thursday.

"Glad he didn't see it," said Christopher Robinson. Robinson thinks it's a bad lesson for all kids. "You know, especially after helping him with spelling and his homework," he said.

For two days now, there have been plenty of shocked faces and second glances as parents drove over the misspelling.

?It's a shame... kids need better than this!" A neighbor sighed to Local 10's Ross Palombo.

Some think it's funny, but others think it's serious because Broward County paid out good money for the bad letters.

"That's not fair... getting paid to spell wrong is not right man," neighbor RJ Morales says.

No comment has been issued from the county.