Investigator now believe the slaying of a 52-year-old woman is not related to the killings of a mother and daughter outside an upscale Boca Raton mall.

Police said Thursday the March 2007 slaying of Randi Gorenberg is not linked to murders of 47-year-old Nancy Bochicchio and her 7 year-old daughter Joey.

But authorities have confirmed through forensic evidence that the suspect who killed the mother and her daughter outside the Town Center also kidnapped a second mother and young child.

The bodies Bochicchio and her daughter were discovered in their car outside the mall last December. Nancy had a pair of swimming goggles over her eyes and was bound with plastic ties.

A second mother and young child were abducted in August in similar fashion but were released. No one has been charged with the crimes.

Mall security was increased after the slayings.