Firefighters rescued a puppy Monday afternoon that got its paw stuck under the engine block of a car.

Residents discovered the puppy trapped under a car at 215 NW 16th Terrace. When they could not help the dog, they called Miami Fire Rescue.


The fire department's technical rescue team arrived and used a jack to lift the car so they could remove the puppy. Rescuers said the puppy's paw was wrenched between some pumps under the car's engine block, and it could not move.

The puppy suffered some scratches but seemed healthy otherwise.

Xiomara Mordcovich, of Miami-Dade Animal Services, said a veterinarian diagnosed the puppy with sarcoptic mange and hookworms.

A rescue organization called Paws 4 You is taking the puppy, and a veterinarian there will treat it before it can be adopted. A Paws 4 You representative said the puppy will likely need a couple of weeks of medical care before going to a permanent home.