"Which is true -- every morning when you wake up, you are actually looking down on the cloud because the cloud level is really low," K.T. Lim said. 

Lim Goh Tong secured Malaysia's first and only gaming license and opened the casino resort in 1971. The monopoly proved to be incredibly profitable. 

In the 40 years since, Genting has diversified and expanded. It is now the largest casino operator in the UK after buying British casino operator Stanley Leisure.

Genting founded Star Cruises, Asia's largest cruise operator. It also owns 50 percent of Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line. 

"Ten years ago, I was the one who was responsible to buy Norwegian Cruise Line," explained K.T. Lim.

K.T. Lim said he's been vacationing in Miami since he was a college student at the University of London. He has always felt comfortable here because Miami's climate is very similar to Singapore's; it is tropical, hot and humid.

"I would, if you may, 'backpack' because this is the place where the weather is the same. It's not London weather," he said with a chuckle.

NCL is known for the concept of "freestyle dining," which set an industry standard. Basically that means cruise passengers don't have to eat at a certain time, and K.T. Lim said that was his idea. 

"We turned Norwegian Cruise Line upside-down. We ordered new ships to be designed like a land resort, and I think that has worked. I would like to think that is through a better understanding of what the market needs and not just copying or doing the same thing as other players are doing in the industry.

"In one way, it's like we went full circle. We brought what we had been doing on land to the ships where you can dine wherever you want, at whatever time you want, eat whatever you want and do whatever you want. One of the tag lines was you could also do nothing. That's how I see the vacation experience should be, not so regimented. But of course there are people who would like that, than let other players in the business take (care) of that. We need to grow the pie, right. That's the philosophy of the Genting Group," K.T. Lim said. 

The company also owns palm oil plantations, has ventured into oil and gases exploration and the paper and packaging industry. 

But it is the Resorts World brand that is capturing headlines in South Florida. 

The first resort may have opened in Malaysia four decades ago, but it has only been in the past two years that Genting has opened properties under the Resorts World brand. There is a Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, Resorts World Manila in the Philippines and Resorts World New York. 

Now the company is looking at Miami.

"We would like to bring our experience in Asia, especially in terms of developing destination resorts, which we have done for the last 50 years," K.T. Lim said. "We need to be the catalyst to bring new people here, to enjoy not just the destination resort, but the rest of what is here in Miami and ultimately through the state of Florida." 

K.T. Lim said his father is first and foremost a family man. In his autobiography his father wrote, "Even during those hectic days when I was struggling to build up my business, I made it a point to spend a fair amount of time with my family. I believe a warm, harmonious family is more important to a man than his career." 

Then, just two pages later, he went on to say, "A happy family is even more important than one's career." 

"My father would also remind us that that is a very important factor in one's life," K.T. Lim said. "It is not always about making money. In terms of family values, that's important. Get that right, and the rest will sort of take care of itself."

Preserving the family's "ethnic and cultural roots" was also important to K.T. Lim's father. He wrote that he made sure all his kids had a "basic knowledge of Chinese language and culture." 

He also takes pride in that he was able to provide all of them with formal education, something he was not able to attain. 

K.T. Lim said those family values extended to how he ran his business. 

"He actually treated his employees as if they were no different as members of his family, and when they were in need he would make sure they were taken care of, and in turn I think that's how you get the loyalty to out of one's employees. As a proof of that, a lot of employees of the original company work for 40-50 years. That's how they started their working life and how they ended their working life with one company, and I think that's very remarkable," K.T. Lim said.

K.T. Lim now sits at the helm of what is a multi-billion dollar business, a humble tycoon who will still travel in the economy class if that's the fastest way to get somewhere. It's a pragmatism he said he learned from his late father. 

"In a way, you hope you can do just as well as he has done," he said.