Scanning the Twitter-verse, I came across this video posted by LeBron James.

Watch: LeBron's Video Tweet

It's LeBron going to an open house for his son's school.

Bronny is getting ready to start kindergarten, and LeBron checks the place out.

There are several elements that I find fascinating about this 2:57 video.

Unlimited Access

First of all, think about how much the boundary has been stripped between athlete and fan.

In the past, we never really KNEW our sports heroes.

We didn't want to.

Information was carefully selected by sportswriters, who used to be drinking buddies with the athletes.

But somewhere along the way, the sports journalist went from trying to glorify these stars to trying to destroy them.

Perhaps it was jealousy, as the zeroes grew after the athletes' checks.

Perhaps it was just the evolving nature of "gotcha" journalism.

The end result was superstars like Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter who talk, but never actually say anything.

No Middle Man

In a sense, Twitter has cut out the middle man.

In the past, if you were going to get a story about LeBron James as father, you'd have to rely on a writer capturing that.

The problem is, that opens the writer up to interpret the athlete's life and inject their own views.

That's what happened with the GQ cover story about LeBron.

The article featured brief interactions with LeBron's kids, but they were told from the writer's point of view.

LeBron As Father

That's what made this posting so interesting to me.

It was a Blair-Witch-style video.

It was just LeBron-as-Dad.

Of course, you could say, perhaps he's mugging for the camera a bit, manipulating his image.