State spending $100k on roads discussion

Outside companies talking to landowners

Published On: Jun 24 2012 09:36:06 PM EDT

 Florida is spending up to $106,000 to talk to major landowners about where the state should build roads.

The state hired outside companies including people who once worked for real estate developer The St. Joe Company.

This planning is part of an overall $4.5 million effort by the Florida Department of Transportation to carry out a 50-year transportation plan.

But some question the idea of the state talking to major landowners as part of its so-called future corridors plan, which has come under fire as an effort to help open up undeveloped portions of the state.

The DOT proposal calls for drawing up plans on how to reserve right-of-way with these landowners.

A state lawmaker in charge of DOT's budget said he was unaware of the project.