My wife and I came home on Saturday the 24th. The four-hour car ride really wasn't that bad. We stopped a couple times so I could get out and stretch. My boys were very excited to see me although they were a little taken aback by the way I looked. Not only was using a walker but I got a crew cut before I left, so at first glance I was certainly not the same daddy they kissed goodbye five days earlier.

It's good to be home but I have to say I had no idea how completely incapacitating this surgery would be. Initially I was totally dependent on my family for everything. Ever ask an 8-year-old to help you put on your pants?? The look on both our faces was priceless. By the way, my kids love the walker and all the assistive devices I'm using, particularly "The Grabber." And there's no way to describe their reactions when I give myself injections of blood thinning medication every morning. It's hilarious.

I'm starting to get around a bit now. I've already started physical therapy and hope to be off the walker by the end of the week. Then it's a cane for a couple weeks and PT every other day for two months. The total rehab process is six months. But as tough as this is going to be on me, it's going to be ever harder on my wife. She's got to carry the load at home until I'm physically able to resume my half of the daily duties. That means get the kids up, dressed, fed, dropped off at school, homework, dinner, baths, bed and, oh yeah, work full time! Naturally I've moved back to the bottom of the list but that's okay, she's amazing. "For better or worse"?check.


I've got a long road ahead but I can already feel an improvement in my hip. Certain movements that used to make me howl in pain are no longer a problem. I look forward to getting back in shape and doing the things a 43-year-old dad should be able to do. I'll keep you posted on my progress here. If you're passing through Hollywood and see a guy on the sidewalk who looks waaaay to young for his walker, beep your horn? that "hip" guy is me.