A Lauderhill woman said she arrived home after a month away to find that a stranger had moved in and locked her out.

Sylvia Breakenridge said she arrived at her home after several weeks away to find that she could not get in.

"I tried opening my door. The keys cannot fit," Breakenridge said. "Something didn't make sense."

Confused, Breakenridge went to the back of the house to try the sliding-glass door.

"I tried to peep and see if anyone was in there and everything," Breakenridge said. "I hear the television going on. I hear the (air conditioner). I say, 'Oh my god. Someone's in my house.'"

Breakenridge returned to the front door and started knocking.

"I kept it going for about five minutes, then somebody came out. I said, 'This is my house. Who are you?' She says she rents the house," Breakenridge said.

Breakenridge immediately called police. When she went into the house, she found that most of her furnishings and clothing were gone, replaced by someone else's things. She said someone also had cut the alarm system.

The woman in the house, Cheryl Heath, insisted she found the house and the broker from an ad on Craigslist.

"I signed a lease, and I got two receipts for September's rent and for August -- first, last and security. I gave him $2,400," Heath said.

Police confirmed that.

Heath also said that when she moved in, she was told the former resident had left behind the belongings, much of which she got rid of.

"I can't even imagine if I was in her shoes and (I) came into my home. We've both been shammed, you know. It's not fair to me," Heath said.

No arrests have been made.