A woman says a botched procedure at a spa in Doral is to blame for her swollen face that left her in the hospital for more than a month.

"I went hoping to be prettier and look how I turned out," said Isabel Gonzalez, 48.

Since Gonzalez's visit to Viviana's Body Secrets Spa in June, she has spent 37 days in the hospital and undergone two surgeries.

Viviana Ayala, the owner of the spa, was charged last week. According to an arrest report, Ayala injected Gonzalez's face with a substance that Ayala said were vitamins.

Attorney Diana Santa Maria said Gonzalez still doesn't know what she had injected into her face.

"She didn't provide that information, which seriously prolonged the treatment and the damages and the injuries and the effects on her health," said Santa Maria.

"I went there and got two injections and I came out looking like this," said Gonzalez.

Ayala has said Gonzalez only received facials at her spa.

Gonzalez has since filed a lawsuit against Ayala and the spa.

"The damages will be all her past medical bills, all her future medical bills, her pain and suffering, for her lost capacity to enjoy life, for the physical disfigurement," said Santa Maria.

The City of Doral shut down Viviana's Body Secrets Spa and revoked Ayala's certificate of occupancy for conduct that is contrary to the public health.

PHOTOS: Woman's face swells after spa day

Published On: Sep 28 2012 08:43:39 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 29 2012 01:18:53 AM EDT
PHOTOS: Woman's face swells after spa day
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Isabel Gonzalez and her daughter before face swelling

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