There's no doubt that the Miami Heat players put a lot of work into being the best during their playoff games. But they're not the only ones at the American Airlines Arena who are working hard.

Members of the Miami Heat's Extreme Team are just as busy as the players on the court!

Local 10's MJ Acosta followed them around during Thursday night's game against the Bulls. She found that the clock doesn't stop for them either. The Extreme Team has a mile a minute schedule to keep up with, all to make sure each fan gets the most out of his or her game day experience.

Whether its uptown or courtside, the members of this Heat team serve as the fun ambassadors for fans. Their time is spent leading cheers, tossing out t-shirts, and running around the arena, doing everything they can to pump up excitement.


They even help with game day operations, like the rhythm section. Extreme Team members are often the ones fans see banging on bongos and helping to get fans out of their seats.

When Acosta joined the Extreme Team, she got the chance to talk to fans in the upper levels of the arena.

"We're just the average, everyday fans who love the Heat," one man told her. "We can't afford to sit down there, but I love the Heat, I like what they do for our city."

One of the younger fans she met told her how much he liked the Extreme Team's spirit. "I like jumping around," he said. "I'm enjoying it!"


The Extreme Team also filled Acosta in on an exciting promotion that is taking place on Thursday.

During the White Hot Heat Basketball Hoop Countdown, 50 fans can receive a free White Hot Heat Fan Kit. Fans who want to join the fun should follow the Heat's social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook. That's where the Heat will announce where to meet to take part in the promotion, shortly after noon on Thursday.

One lucky winner will also be selected to win 25,000 AAdvantage Miles, thanks to American Airlines.