American Airlines employees will decide the future of the fleet's appearance, by voting on a design of the planes' tails.

On Monday, Doug Parker, the airline's new CEO announced the voting to workers. They will get to choose whether to keep the logo that was unveiled earlier this year or return to the design that was the face of the company for several decades.

The stylized red, white and blue bars that form a flag was the first new look for the airlines' fleet in more than 40 years. Some employees still prefer the "AA" with eagle logo it replaced.

Parker became the CEO of the company last week, when the airline's merger with US Airways became official.

In a message to employees, Parker said that the winning logo would be painted on the tails of the planes, as repainting the entire fuselage would be too costly.

The appearance of the planes' parts has reportedly caused disputes among workers, but Parker doesn't have a preference. "The answer is I honestly do not care," he told workers who asked his opinion. "I think both look fantastic."

Voting runs through January 2.